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Hi' Yella: Life In the Projects is a memoir written by Crystal Lampkins-Banks, (aka Love, aka Boochie, aka Chynna) about her childhood growing up in the Robert Taylor Homes as a young fair-skinned girl. Her skin complexion was considered yellow, and as a result she was constantly labeled as the lighter one in the group. Crystal endured a great deal of trauma and devastation due to poverty, crime, and violence that left her feeling numb to her new normal. From the everyday happenings of the ghetto, to eating government cheese, dodging bullets, living uncomfortably in roach and rat infested living conditions, and being molested, Crystal survived it all with Christ! Be inspired by her testimony of overcoming a system designed to make her fail!



Crystal has overcome and defeat the odds. She didn't allow her childhood to dictate her future. Crystal responded by overcoming barriers of defeat and proving that with GOD anything is possible... Crystal is now the blueprint and syllabus for the next generation. Her story is powerful, refreshing and beautiful.  

I admire the tenacity and resilience of Crystal Banks...What makes her unique is her transparency and relatable life situations that all individuals of all ages can relate to and understand. People should purchase Crystal's book because this tool will help provide guidance and  insight on God can 

extend your "extensions".

We are honored to know Crystal. She has a heart and passion for healing and helping others. She has blessed our family by allowing us to help her ministry every year in feeding the homeless. May God continue to enhance her vision and expand her mission through her book. Thank you for your servitude!






Crystal is a firm believer that Jesus loves us, and that we are worthy of his love no matter what hardships, trials or troubles we have encountered; and her life is a testament of this! Driven by a desire to see women and children free of poverty, self-worthlessness, sexual sin and lack, Crystal founded Melodies from Heaven Women's Empowerment Group. 


A resident of the South Suburbs of Chicago, Crystal is a wife since 2005, a mother of four within a blended family, and a full-time housewife. With over fifteen years of experience teaching, and four years of ownership and directorship of a children’s daycare/pre-school, Crystal currently serves as Vice President of #1 God’s M.V.P. Trucking Company alongside her husband; and is CEO of Heaven Sent Shoes Traveling Shop. With a heart for people, Crystal makes it her mission to empower the most vulnerable among us. Her experiences and testimony of overcoming, is one that truly has the power to shift lives.  

Crystal is available to speak on the following topics: 

- Overcoming the Stain of Molestation

- Breaking Free From Poverty (Physically & Mentally)

- Teen Pregnancy &/or Single Motherhood

- The Ghetto

- Domestic Violence (Breaking Free- Physical, Emotional, Verbal, & Financial)


"God can do anything, but fail!"





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