My Hair Journey

Take Care Of Your Hair!
Felt Like Cutting My Hair Oct '17
Shaved It To The Scalp Nov '17
Colored It Dec '17
ALL OF 2018 - Installed Weave To Mimic My Book Cover Picture For Promo
Hi' Yella Bundles Installed Nov '18 & Dec '18 Bleached Both Times.
Bundles Are Still In Great Condition 
My Hair Has Grown Tremendously 

When I decided to cut my hair year 2017, didn't realize until March 2018

I had to mimic my book cover to promote my book - Hi' Yella Life In The Projects.

Over that time period I was shocked by large amounts of money spent between both myself and my daughter on hair weave bundles. Even though I wore it, I took great care of the hair. 

Are You Spending Too Much For Your Bundles?
Are Your Bundles Lasting For 2yrs?
Do Your Bundles Shed Its Hair?
Do Your Bundles Smell Like Corn Chips?

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For Your Very Own Hair House Party....

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