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Human Trafficking is alive and well. This $32 billion industry is prevalent right here in your city. It consist of illegal movement of people typically for the purposed of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. We tend to criticize or judge those (especially women) who are caught up in prostitution. Did we ever take a moment to think about how this lifestyle was displayed, introduced, or even forced upon the person? Human Trafficking is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. Here's a few elements to human trafficking - It starts off with recruitment. This process can be consented between both parties when the victim is totally unaware of the new job position. The victim will be transported, threaten, abducted, deceived, brainwashed, abused, and bought into sexual slavery.

Here's how to identify victims that are involved in human trafficking:

- disconnection from family, friends, community, church, etc.

- drop-out of school

- sudden or dramatic change in behavior

- juvenile engaged in making a profit/commercial sex acts

- disoriented, confused, or signs of mental/physical abuse

- bruises in various stages of healing

- fearful, timid, submissive, being coached on what to say

- lack personal possessions

- instability in living situations

- don't have freedom of moment

- can't freely leave where they reside


- Never leave them alone

- Choose Caregivers carefully

- No names written in clothes or book bags (use parents' phone number)

- Talk to children about how to differentiate between family, friends, and strangers........

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