Blended Families

Because of the divorce rate in our society, 1,300 blended families are forming everyday. How do we esc this type of relationship? Well, nothing is too hard for our Lord and Savior. Taking on a task of raising someone else's children can be a challenge. Let's take the time to lay down some ground rules at the beginning of the relationship. Between both sets of parents and the children. Keeping a healthy relationship within the outside parents is very important. Work as a team within your household as you establish respect and boundaries. Allow the children within or blended household space and time to adapt to the new lifestyle. Supporting each other is a great way to help with the transition. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Take time for yourself to reboot and recharge. Keep a sense of humor and enjoy life. The journey of a blended family can be very challenging. Therefore, keep others out of your business/circle that will bring negative energy and discord.

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