Enjoy Real Food!

Our world is a microwaveable generation. Everything is quick, fast, and on the GO! We are consuming junk/fast food at an alarming rate. The amount of $1,200 is spent on fast food yearly. This is leading to adults eating 1,996 lbs of food per year. We eat 31 lbs of cheese, 85 lbs of fats and oils, 222.2 lbs of red meat and poultry.

Obesity is a major health issue especially with us eating larger portions of food that are offered and or served. Most current diseases are on the up-rise because we are addicted to food. It looks, smells, and tastes sooooo good!

Cancers are spreading like wildflower.......

Diabetes are becoming more common in children........

Heart Disease is counted for 1/3 of deaths in The U.S.


Get back to eating real foods - veggies, meat substitutes or lean meats, and fruits.

Check your labels when purchasing food at the grocery stores.

Ask Questions.....

Not Confuse Diet for Nutrition....

Not Mistaken NON Exercising/Inactivity As Our New Normal!


Fast - Pray To Jesus, Push Back Your Plate, Discipline Yourself

Cleansing - Prune Juice, Juicing, Flat Flush Water (sliced cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger, & parsley.


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