Before I Found The Lord I Was Entangled In Spirits Of: Lust Alchohol Drugs Perversion Wild Partying Abortion Molestation Dirty Talk Foul Mouthed Domestic Violence Rage Whoring Bitterness & So Forth....

As I Begin To Work On These Necklaces I Thought About How God Untangles The Knots In Our Lives. It Was A Process.... It Took A Few Hours.... Time, Patience, & Staying Focused Was Mandatory...... I Became Frustrated, Distracted, & Anxious. One By One Is All I Needed To Release The Knotted Chains...

But Guess What? I Prayed & Persevered. Finally The Chains Were All Unattached. What Spirits Knots Are Entangling Your Life? Do You Pray, Persevere, & Allow The Holy Spirit To Deliver You By Untangling Your Knotted Chains? Is Your Process Being Compromised By Distractions, Anxiety, & Frustration?

If So, You Still Have Time To Give It To Jee-sus. He 💛💛 You That Much🙏🏾😇

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