Peruvian Body Wave - ORDER BY REQUEST

Brazilian is 7A Grade with multiple donors meaning hair from different heads have been put together. This can create a longer process when coloring because of multiple donors. All of our hair can be colored and dyed but be mindful that higher quality, faster results.

Brazilian hair textures we have are BodyWave 10”-32”, TightCurl 10”-26”, DeepWave 10”-26” LooseWave 10”-26” and Straight 10”-32”.

Peruvian is 8A Grade Hair, 2-3 donors. It is higher in quality which means higher in price. It also will color better than Brazilian. We have Straight 10”-30”; BodyWave 10”-30”; Deep Wave 10"-26"; 10"-26" Loose Wave in hair textures.

Indian is a 9A Grade, Remy hair, 1-2 donors, all cuticles flowing in the same direction. Higher in quality! Higher price! It takes color very well. We have Straight 10”-26” and BodyWave 10”-26” in hair textures.

We also have a Real Remy Platinum is 10A Grade hair, 1 donor, all cuticles are flowing in the same direction, top of the line! Best quality, higher price.

Our frontals lengths are 12"-16" ($90 & up) and closures are 12”-20”($70 & up). Frontals go ear to ear in addition to their bundles. The frontal will allow you to do pony tails and part different ways instead of having a set middle part or side part. Closures go right in the middle of the head to close in their actual hair instead of having “leave out” where you leave your real hair out of the sewn in bundles. Textures for frontals and closures are: BodyWave, Straight, LooseWave, DeepWave and TightCurl.

Our hair is washed 10 times at the manufacturer and double sewn at the wefts to prevent shedding. Steamed to style and tangle free! In manufacturing, when you take a raw material to a produced product, there are 10-12 steps. So we make sure that the hair is washed repeatedly so there is no stink.

Our hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair! It is not chemically processed. If you let a professional cut and color the hair, it should feel exactly the same before you colored it! Our hair can last up to more than 2 years if properly taken care of: washed and conditioned, not overly processed from coloring, cut properly saving the double sewn wefts.

Since our hair is not blended with synthetics, and is human hair, our bundles may appear smaller. It's important you know quality hair vs. beauty supply or false advertised hair. The longer it goes in length and better grade of hair, will also make the bundle thinner.

Peruvian Body Wave - ORDER BY REQUEST

  • · Detangle your weave by gently combing it with your fingers or a wide tooth comb before washing.


    · Using a pH balanced shampoo follow the same process you would   when washing your own hair.


    · Do not rub or scrub your hair when shampooing.


    · Rinse off completely & thoroughly once you have finished with shampooing.


    · Apply a moisturizing conditioner and let the hair soak in the product for 3 to 5 minutes.


    · Rinse off completely & thoroughly once you have finished with the moisturizer.


    · Blot your hair with a towel and never rub or scrub your hair when drying.


    · Comb hair carefully with a wide tooth comb from the tips working your way up to your roots.


    · Allow your weave to air-dry if time permits.


    · Excessive direct heat is not recommended so keep your settings low on your styling tools.

  • There are no refunds, only exchanges due to manufacture defects. We need proof of the defect and the hair can not be installed.

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